Celebrate Earth Day with sustainable lab-grown diamonds from Aukera

Celebrate Earth Day with A Progressive Indulgence in Aukera’s Lab Grown Diamonds

As we celebrate Earth Day this year on April 22, 2O24, it's a reminder of our collective responsibility to nurture and protect the planet we call home. Amidst the calls for environmental stewardship and sustainable living, one brand stands out as a beacon of hope: Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery. With a commitment to crafting sustainable beauty, Aukera embodies the ethos of Earth Day every day.

Aukera Champions Lab Grown Diamonds

Aukera offers an ethical conflict-free opportunity to indulge in beauty, and our lab grown diamonds are a highly progressive alternative compared to blood diamonds, which are traditionally mined and bring harm to both the environment and workers.

On the other hand, lab grown diamonds, true to their name, are created in controlled labs and ensure independence from conflict zones, providing consumers with confidence that their purchase doesn't contribute to violence or environmental harm associated with traditional mining. 

Diamond Alchemists, equipped with high-tech diamond growing proficiency, eliminate the need for large-scale land excavation, avoiding dangers like soil erosion and deforestation.

Mined diamonds adversely impact local ecology, while Grown Diamonds require minimal land use. They significantly reduce carbon, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide emissions, emphasising their environmental superiority. Water usage is drastically lower for grown diamonds as well.

With zero environmental incidents reported, Grown Diamonds affirms its conscientious choice. The diamond-growing process doesn't harm plants, animals, or natural habitats, in contrast to mining. While addressing conflicts, Grown Diamonds aspires to deepen its environmental commitment, foreseeing a green transition in the industry.

Lab-grown diamonds align with conscientious consumer values, providing an opportunity to enjoy the brilliance of diamonds without contributing to the negative environmental and social impacts associated with traditional Earth-extracted diamond mining.

Lab-grown diamonds offer a clean alternative, created in a controlled environment with the same composition as Earth Extracted Diamonds, making them a compelling and responsible choice to capitalise on this Earth Day. 

Aukera’s Craftsmanship Processes

Grown Diamond Jewellery is a breath of fresh air and treats human life as valuable. We are proud to say, Aukera-grown Diamonds and Jewellery are made in India. This direct route from the laboratory to the consumer ensures full confidence in the ethical and sustainable production of each diamond, setting a new standard for transparency in the diamond industry.

Our grown diamonds stand out as ethical choices: never funding warlords or rebel groups, strict working conditions defined - that included fair wages, humane working conditions, no child labour, and environmental concerns.

Aukera and the Community 

Aukera's impact goes beyond environmental sustainability—it's also about empowering communities and fostering positive change. Through partnerships with local artisans and fair trade initiatives, Aukera creates opportunities for economic empowerment and social development. By supporting ethical labour practices and empowering marginalised communities, Aukera strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

We at Aukera are immensely proud of our Share the Sparkle initiative, in association with SunBird Trust. The Trust operates in the northeast part of India and is a firm believer that Education can bring pieces to the region. With every purchase at Aukera, one Girl child gets educated. With every diamond purchased at Aukera, one girl is empowered further.

Diamond mining involves child labour, depriving children of education while contributing to global warming through extensive soil excavation. Lab-grown diamonds emerge as an ethical alternative, addressing not only conflict but also prioritizing the elimination of child labour and reducing environmental harm associated with traditional diamond mining.

We rigorously select partners committed to a child labour-free supply chain. Embracing gender equality, we ensure 50% of employment opportunities for women. Our dedication extends to guaranteeing fair wages and creating a sustainable and responsible foundation for our exquisite diamond jewellery creations. 

Aukera as a Way Forward in the Diamond Marketplace

As pioneers in Grown Diamond Jewellery, education is our duty. We empower customers through interactive Diamond Quotient sessions, ensuring they grasp the essence of conscious choices. Prioritising clarity, we offer post-purchase assurance with robust buy-back and exchange policies, fostering a journey where knowledge and trust converge seamlessly.

Aukera epitomises transparency, etching carat details on diamond girdles, ensuring traceability. Before partnerships, rigorous checks guarantee fair wages and ethical conditions for artisans. No markup on gold and minimal making charges showcase our commitment. Every piece, from nose pin to bridal necklace, bears IGI certification, empowering customers to verify authenticity on the IGI portal.

Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery champions conscious choices, putting women at the forefront of diamond purchases with our ethos, "When Women Make The Choice." With our unwavering commitment to sustainability, Aukera serves as a shining example of how business can be a force for good in the world. So, as you adorn yourself with Aukera's exquisite creations, know that you're not just wearing jewellery—you're wearing a symbol of hope, a testament to our collective dedication to preserving the beauty of our planet and its people for generations to come.


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