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Aukera Big Rock Fest. Rarest of rare lab-grown solitaires. And the rarest of them all, Aukera Signature 161. A diamond with 161 facets (The Kohinoor has only 66). Explore the finest solitaire coloured diamonds, in cuts never seen before.
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When Women Make The Choice
Aukera means Choice in Basque. We are the sum of the choices we’ve made and will continue to make in our journey. Choice is valuable and precious to us. It’s our core, our DNA, and our being. Aukera is here to inspire better choices and to remind each other to never settle, whether in life's decisions or choosing timeless diamonds. ‘Choice’ is our reason to exist.
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Meenakshi Karanth
AUKERA has become a part of my daily life now. I don't step out of the house without their tennis bracelet. It's just so classy and yet light to wear to work. Not just this, but I love most of their designs and collection. I'm glad to have discovered AUKERA and to have understood the phenomenal work they are doing with sustainability by making lab grown diamonds with perfect cuts , carats, clarity and certification.
Rema Ramachandran
I discovered AUKERA out of sheer curiosity. And now I want to go back again and again. I chose a two-tone solitaire ring for my 70th Birthday. I can’t stop flaunting it. They have an excellent ring collection and makes you greedy to own more than a couple. I am proud of my choices. And I would any day recommend them. Infact, I have already done so. I vouch for the quality of diamonds. And their variety in design is very evident.
My mom introduced to me AUKERA. I went in as a sceptic and came out a fan. I am more of a statement jewellery kind of person and very particular of owning jewellery that cannot be found everywhere. I picked a ring, It is an absolute indulgence. I like AUKERA’s design aesthetics – if you are looking for better quality of diamonds and designs that are not a common place, I suggest you visit AUKER
Rumya Misquita
Oh my goodness, let me tell you about AUKERA! I stumbled upon them while diamond shopping. My first purchase? An Oval diamond ring that still has me swooning. Went back for stunning earrings, and now? I've got my sight set on their eternity necklace. Seriously, I'm hooked – no other diamonds for me. AUKERA is a class of their own – bigger, more beautiful, and guilt-free. The designs? Don't even get me started. Go in with caution – because it will leave you confused on how many diamond jewellery you want to make yours. If you want diamonds that make your heart sing, do yourself a favour and check them out.
“My Aunt surprised me with a set of stunning diamond drop earrings, and I've been a proud owner of AUKERA ever since! Wearing them is pure joy. Friends and bystanders are constantly noticing them and complimenting my new earrings. What stands out to me is the sustainability and quality of the brand — I LOVE knowing that I am supporting a brand that is authentic, that supports the local community around it, and that is better for the earth and people. I will only buy AUKERA — because I trust AUKERA. My diamonds help me shine and there is no other brand that stands a chance.
Lakshmi Mukund
I wear my own Aukera diamond everyday and it makes me feel and look wonderful! I love the nose ring and the shine of the diamond. So many people have asked me where it’s from. It makes my face look more lively and bright. Thank you so much to the Aukera team for this!
Namita Bali
I was looking for something classic, yet understated, to wear daily. Found just the right ring and pair of studs at Aukera. The designs are premium and beautiful, with quality I can trust. The fact that the diamonds are lab grown and hence sustainable, made my purchase special.
Rubina Ali Khan
I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase of the lab-grown diamond ring and earrings. The outstanding design, affordability, and personalized service from the vendor have left me not only with stunning jewelry but also with a sense of contentment and trust in my choice. The fact that they are lab-grown diamonds adds a fascinating and eco-conscious dimension to their beauty. What pleasantly surprised me even further was the reasonable price point for such high-quality pieces. The incredible value I received for my investment is truly commendable. Beyond the products themselves, I must express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional warmth and attentiveness that we were showered with by Netra & her partner. Their genuine care and willingness to guide me through the selection process made my shopping experience all the more memorable.
I fell in love with the concept of lab grown diamonds and i was delighted to see the brilliant designs from Aukera. Not only are their designs trendy, but they are also much more affordable than mined diamonds. Definitely worth a try for those that love diamonds and don't want to break the bank.
A girl can never forget her ‘firsts’ 😍 Aukera is yet another first in my life! It’s my first diamond ring that I received as a gift from my mother ❤️ My mom believes that if I embrace the finer things in life, I’ll always work towards living an elevated life! Aukera is both beautiful and sensitive. It’s a natural choice for women who want to express their femininity along with doing a little good
Neerja S
As a mother, I always prioritised my family especially when it came to spending on myself versus them. With Aukera’s grown diamond jewellery, I feel I have the ability to spend on the diamonds I always wanted and ensuring my family’s needs are met. I love my earrings and love it even more when people notice it and compliment me on having sparkling white diamonds
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​​Choosing diamond jewellery is an exciting and celebratory experience. We understand that finding the perfect match can sometimes be daunting. It doesn’t have to be! When booking an appointment, visit the expert at the store, who will help you find what is meant for you.
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