The diamond jewellery industry is infamously opaque, and getting clear and easy answers to your inquiries can be difficult. Not any longer. Aukera understands the value of each question and why it may be important for you to ask for minute details. Our focus is to give you the peace of mind that comes with making an informed decision. We are here to answer any of your questions and help you get to know your diamonds better.

Aukera offers premium-quality grown diamonds that offer the best of both worlds: high quality and moral clarity. The love for diamonds doesn’t need to be compromised. We want to introduce you to grown diamonds with the utmost clarity. You could be fogged by misinformation, just unclear, or your curiosity about Grown Diamonds brought you here. Whatever the case may be, we're here to help you. In case your questions are not here, do drop an email with your query, and be sure Aukera Diamond Expert will get back to you. Send your questions to us at

Grown diamonds are genuine diamonds. They do not originate in the gloomy depths of the earth and are not riddled with constant conflict with the environment, humans, or geopolitical tension. Grown diamonds are created by diamond alchemists in a cutting-edge technological facility. Diamond alchemists have mastered the art of replicating the earth's core, where diamonds are traditionally formed. Grown diamonds are aesthetically, physically, and chemically similar to mined diamonds, which is not surprising at all! However, grown diamonds are a more mindful choice, as your values and ethics remain uncompromised.

Grown diamonds are'Real and Precious Diamonds'.Gemologists with celebrated pedagogy can't tell the difference between a grown diamond and a mined diamond. Diamond testers and loupes recognise grown diamonds as diamonds. What's more? The Federal Trade Commission, USA, identifies grown diamonds and mined diamonds as just the same: DIAMONDS. The only thing that makes grown diamonds different is their origin.

The simple answer is a resounding NO. Grown diamonds are not the same as zirconia, American diamonds, or moissanite. Zirconia is a type of ceramic; Moissanite is a mineral; and American diamonds are a budget alternative made from zirconium dioxide. None of these are close to Grown Diamonds. The below tests help in assessing authenticity:

The Diamond Test
Cubic zirconia, American diamonds, and moissanite all fail the diamond test due to their chemical makeup and gemstone structure. When placed under a diamond tester, cubic zirconia, American diamonds, and moissanite all test as non-diamond.

Gemologist Test 
While the untrained eye cannot distinguish between a diamond and other diamond simulants, gemmologists of repute can easily determine the difference and identify diamonds from diamond stimulants like zirconia, American diamonds, and moissanite.

Brilliance and Fire 
The brilliance of a diamond stems from its ability to bend, or refract, light. Light penetrates a diamond and is reflected off its internal surfaces, which are known as facets. The diamond's 'sparkle' is dependent on two phenomena: ‘brilliance’ and ‘fire’. ‘Brilliance’ is caused when white light reflects off the surface of a diamond. ‘Fire’ refers to the colourful flashes of light that the stone diffuses while under the light. Both are important to achieve that desired shine.

Cubic zirconia, American diamonds, and moissanite do not refract light in the same way and have little to no sparkle. To be classified as a diamond, the fire should only show on the outside surface of the stone. On the inside of the surface, cubic zirconia, American diamond, and moissanite reflect light. This is a clear sign that these stones are not diamonds.

Speak with an Aukera Diamond Expert to learn more about the beauty and innovation of Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery.

Grown diamonds deliver on all 4Cs: cut, clarity, colour, and carat, and that’s why they are considered the best option. The integrity of the grown diamonds, when assessed on given parameters, is more promising than any other diamond or simulant.

Grown diamonds are valuable gemstones and can be worth a substantial investment. They are 100% genuine diamonds, making them a precious, attractive, and still very rare product.

Did you do a double take on the word ‘rare’? Yes. Grown diamonds are rare. Let Aukera help you understand. Grown diamond creation is an efficient, conflict-free procedure that necessitates a large amount of high-tech equipment and top scientific minds. Grown diamonds exhibit higher grades on the 4Cs, which are a function of skill and precision. As a result, they are scarce. Grown diamond prices reflect their scarcity, beauty, and demand. They are now so valuable that they require certification. The International Gemological Institute (IGI), the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and other top institutions offer world-grade grown diamonds on the same scale as mined diamonds. IGI is often recognised as the best certification for grown diamonds, as they offer a more thorough report on grown diamond grades. At Aukera, we only work with IGI for certification.

You’ll be glad to know that grown diamonds can be insured, as they are valuable and rare gems that, in the event of loss or damage, will require a significant sum to replace.

Grown diamonds are known for their beauty, brilliance, and guaranteed origin. Learn more about grown diamonds’ impact, benefits, and why this choice is right for you. Have a look at how grown diamonds fare against mined diamonds.


Absolutely Not. The visual distinction between grown and mined diamonds is nearly impossible. Both are identical in appearance and chemical composition. Their few subtle differences result from their creation process and do not reflect their quality. These distinctions can only be discovered by using advanced tools designed for this purpose. Currently, it is available through certifying institutions.

Visit an Aukera store and get your hands on a diamond tester to see the difference between a grown diamond and a mined diamond. Let’s have fun with some curiosity.

You are from the generation of progressive, ethically conscious individuals that are indulging in wonderfully crafted, grown diamonds at delightful prices. Why miss out? It is a mindful and evolved lifestyle choice. Women who desire the highest quality diamonds without compromising their values select a grown diamond. You enjoy the beauty of diamonds without the human and environmental tolls of mining. This is a more sustainable and approachable-priced diamond, and you stand to benefit from it.

The Aukera fine jewellery collection features modern, timeless designs that are versatile enough for any style and made to be adored for a lifetime. We recommend scheduling an appointment with our Diamond Expert at the store for personalised guidance and expert advice. You will receive in-depth diamond education as well as assistance in picking the Aukera diamond that is right for you.

The rules of luxury are being rewritten by Grown Diamond Jewellery. Grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular among celebrities due to their sheer beauty, brilliance, and guaranteed origin. Grown Diamond jewellery is regularly featured on royal engagements, red carpet events, premier shows, weddings, and more. Grown diamonds are being chosen by young, discerning Americans as a reflection of their love, the moment they wish to commemorate, and their individual style. They also reflect creativity, conscientiousness, optimism, and possibility, as compared to the mined diamond industry. The mined diamond industry is dominated by diamond cartels and teeming with middlemen. There is more transparency with grown diamonds, which leads to fair pricing and valuations. The option of a guilt-free and better diamond is the reason why Grown Diamonds has taken the US market by storm.


Aukera in the Basque dialect of Spain means "Choice." We believe no woman should compromise on things or aspects that she has her heart set on. Be it the choice of diamonds or life choices, AUKERA is here to spark a better choice with no compromise in diamond jewellery. When you choose AUKERA, you reject compromises and never settle for the ordinary.

Aukera promises not 4 but 5Cs —overdelivering on quality as well as ethics and values. Our jewellery is desirable as it offers more to you on account of craftsmanship, traceability, and pricing, fortifying our 5C promise even further.

Aukera 5C promise

Aukera diamond jewellery is a symbol of the choice to embrace your desires fully. Aukera’s 5C promise is an acknowledgement of our strict quality standards and our obsession with creating the most brilliant diamonds at every step. Not every grown diamond can be made into an Aukera diamond jewellery. Every Aukera diamond goes through stringent quality checks powered by technology and later scrutinised by trained diamond alchemists.

Beyond the 4Cs (cut, clarity, colour, and carat), at Aukera we fully know that it takes a human to breathe life into a stone. Our craftsmen see the beauty in every Aukera diamond and work with passion and precision to unleash intense vibrancy and light. We are so deeply committed to this pursuit that we entrust this work only to the most talented hands.


Aukera four-prong setting in 18K precious metal is a result of crafted engineering. The four-pronged setting in rhodium plating allows the diamond to take centre stage, creating the illusion of a diamond floating yet secured in a claw.

Aukera diamonds are a little reminder of life’s big and small choices you make for yourself. To make these choices and moments special, Aukera offers a range of fancy, exquisite diamond shapes. To learn more about the fancy shapes and cuts of diamonds, book your appointment with an Aukera Diamond Expert today.


From creation to you, Aukera Diamond’s origins and path can be fully traced. As a choice, Aukera just does not stop at industry standards; we lead by example.

Delightful pricing 

Aukera is delightfully and optimally priced, delivering true value. How do we make it happen? With Grown Diamonds, you can eliminate involvements that inflate costs throughout the entire process. You stand to benefit when the cost of excavating the earth, the middlemen, and costs attributed to diamond cartels can be eliminated. The cost-benefit ratio is reflected in our Grown Diamond pricing.


Every purchase of Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery is backed by a certificate from IGI (International Gemological Institution), which guarantees the grade and quality of your diamond for life. Aukera only brings you diamonds that are certified with IGI, apart from the stringent quality measures done internally. We have made it our priority and hold ourselves accountable for the accuracy of the diamond grades.

The purpose of Aukera is to inspire women to make better choices without compromising. Aukera gives women the option of selecting the colour, carat, shape, and length of the jewellery. Book an appointment with Aukera Diamond Expert to learn more.

Aukera is delightfully and optimally priced, delivering true value. How do we make it happen? With Grown Diamonds, you can eliminate involvements that inflate costs throughout the entire process. You stand to benefit when the cost of excavating the earth, the middlemen, and costs attributed to diamond cartels can be eliminated. The cost-benefit ratio is reflected in our Grown Diamond pricing.

When you choose Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery, be sure to know that we will out-deliver on the globally accepted 4Cs: colour, clarity, cut, and carat. You’ll find that woven intricately into our ideology is the 5th ‘C’. This offers you the opportunity to make a ‘conscious choice’ for yourself and the planet. This ‘C’ reflects our core value of giving you the option of choice at all points in time. This doesn’t merely reflect the choice in terms of the variety of diamond jewellery; it's a way to choose the best for yourself and the planet. At Aukera, we proudly offer only socially and environmentally conscious diamonds in our fine jewellery, so you can take home jewellery made from No Compromise diamonds.

With every Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery purchase, you get to be a part of our social impact initiatives. We firmly believe that our relationship with the community has to be beyond transactional; giving back has to be part of the equation. We want you to join in the passion of promoting financial independence among women and equal representation at work. The aim is to work towards decreasing the gap in employment between women and men and expanding opportunities for women.

Share The Sparkle 

Aukera wants to be at the forefront of creating a difference in the lives of young girls so that they grow up to be women who make choices that are best for themselves. Our ‘Share the Sparkle Initiative’ is geared towards contributing a 1-month education fee for every purchase made towards one girl's education.



Aukera is an ode to every fearless, audacious woman who chooses the best for herself every single day—beyond the realms of mediocrity and compromise. Our Aukera woman flaunts both her passions and her diamonds with equal aplomb. Head held high and with elegance that cannot be denied, she embraces every moment and every steppingstone with grace and love. She is the one who meticulously curates her sense of self; she is mysterious, bold, and powerful, yet feminine and unpretentious, just like the diamonds she wears. Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery is a reflection and representation of her creativity, conscientiousness, optimism, and possibility.

100% yes. When it comes to love for diamonds, AUKERA lives by the no compromise ethos. Not just quality, but no compromise on values. AUKERA Diamonds are grown ethically, responsibly, and consciously. You can be assured that when you choose AUKERA, you are choosing conflict-free diamonds. There is no conflict with the environment, human, or geopolitical aspects.

From creation to cut to you, Aukera Diamonds’ origins and path can be fully traced. As a choice, Aukera just does not stop at industry standards, we lead by example.