We totally get it

Your schedule is jam-packed, and battling Bangalore's traffic can be a real struggle. But guess what? We've got something super exciting to share with you - "Diamonds at your doorstep!"We've made it unbelievably convenient for you to try on, indulge in, and select exquisite,Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery right from the comfort of your home


Begin by filling out our simpleonline form and clicking the"Request Try At Home" button.


Aukera Host will thenget in touch with you to set upa convenient video call.


During the video call, you'll have the chance to browse and choose the jewellery pieces you'dlike to try on.


Once you've made your selection, we'll work together to find a time that suits you for an in person visit.

Try On

At the scheduled time, our Aukera Host will arrive at your home with the chosen Aukera Exquisite designs and beautifully crafted jewellery.


If you find a piece that steals your heart, you have the option to purchase it on the spot.