I am everything, 
I choose to be.
I choose to have
my head in the clouds, 
but always stay grounded.
I chose to embrace the fire,
spark a million minds. 
Make way for my equity. 
I choose to silence the voices
that tell me otherwise.  
Spend no time to compare. 
I choose my facets,
my desires. 
I am my own kind.
I choose to anchor my
feet to the ground, 
trading my fears for
I choose no conflict.
No compromise. 
Unapologetic, I
boldly disagree. 


When we women can’t find a standard that meets ours, we create one for ourselves and for others to follow. You and I would not seek concessions or settle for just anything. Why should we? True indulgence and luxury mean having whatever the heart desires and experiencing the pure, unadulterated joy of doing so. That's exactly why Aukera was born.

Aukera is a Basque dialect word that means choice." We are the sum of the choices we’ve made and will continue to make on our journey. Choice is valuable and precious to us. It’s our core, our DNA, and our being. Aukera is here to inspire better choices and to remind each other to never settle, whether it's when choosing timeless diamonds or in other areas of life. "Choice" is our reason to exist. But not without you.

Our promise to you might be in the form of offering the highest quality of diamonds, but it’s also an allyship to reject compromise and put your choice at the forefront.


Hand-on-heart, we know there is no such thing as too many diamonds. There is always space for one more. Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery is the result of diamond alchemists, coveted jewellery designers, and time-honoured generational artisans coming together.

At Aukera, "Choice" is the most precious thing to us. Don’t you believe no woman should compromise on things or aspects that she has her heart set on? Be it the choice of diamonds or life choices, AUKERA is here to spark that better choice with no-compromise diamond jewellery. By this, we mean compromising on aspects like cut, colour, clarity, carat, and the earth from which diamonds are known to be destructively extracted. We instill confidence in you to buy premium-grown diamonds, which offer the best value, and you can make a conscious choice for yourself and the earth. 


Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery is all about premium quality and moral clarity. You would agree with us that love for diamonds should not be sacrificed at the altar of values. Hence, Aukera: No-Compromise Diamond Jewellery.

You are right in wondering if adherence to standards is sufficient for something to be labelled ‘precious’, ‘rare’, and ‘valuable’. We have spent numerous nights awake trying to answer this very question. The fire, the brilliance, and the scintillating play of lights are (and must be) evident in all aspects of exquisite, timeless, and radiant Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery. There isn't another option that we can see or are aware of. You are always welcome to hold us to this promise.

The 4Cs of AUKERA diamonds adhere to international standards, but we have raised the bar. Introducing to you the 5th C of Diamonds: Choice.
Here are all the "C"s that you need to assess before you buy your next diamond jewellery or even look into Aukera.

Aukera 5C Promise

About Our Diamonds

01 Carat

Unlike popular belief, our diamond alchemists and artisans are obsessed with the beauty and quality of the diamond, not just the weight of the diamond. We could not just let it be, could we? So, we threw a challenge to our in-house experts and asked them to make beauty available in carats of a wide variety. Simply put, we offer you a wide variety of carat sizes and top it up with a great value equation. Now beat that. 

02 Colour

Ever wondered what Aukera-grown diamond alchemists do? They evaluate, assess, and decipher the beauty of diamonds. They religiously grade and validate the colour of the diamond. Our Diamond Alchemists only select the best diamonds graded between D and H, rejecting anything below H. AUKERA diamonds are of the highest quality. This is a choice that is made by our diamond alchemist.

03 Clarity

Diamonds are tough. Our diamond alchemists come close. They are not just difficult to impress, but it’s tough to get past their scrutiny. Did you know that diamond clarity is a measure of the purity and rarity of the stone under 10-power magnification? Diamonds can be classified into eleven categories based on this parameter. AUKERA’s fine jewellery is made with scintillating diamonds that are only of exceptional clarity, with diamonds that fall underAUKERA's fine jewelry is made with scintillating diamonds that are only of exceptional clarity, with diamonds that fall under "VVS" (Very Very Slight Inclusions) and above grade. 

04 Cut

Have you seen lights do a synchronised ballet? We have. As have our seasoned artisans who cut the raw diamond. They make this magic happen. The brilliance of a diamond is dependent on the way it plays with light and how it captures and reflects it. AUKERA diamond jewellery only offers cuts that are classified as'very good’ and above. We chose not to compromise on the brilliance or sparkle of a diamond. You should not either.

05 Choice

It is the reason we are and what we do. What’s this choice anyway? Is it more options or endless options? We have a wide variety, but that’s not the only path we’re on. With Aukera, you have the choice to only own grown, environmentally conscious diamonds in our fine jewellery. Choice is about true value at delightful and justifiable prices. Aukera Choice is about diamond jewellery that feels good, looks good, and does good. Looking at diamonds through a prism of choice is truly empowering.


Our confidence in Choice and the ability to empower others have been resolute. The choices we make can immensely impact our community. We advocate and practice equal opportunity for women, be it at the production unit, retail outlets, or design quarters.

We have made a choice to continually pursue, promote, and be the loudest cheerleaders of women empowerment and girl child education. Our way of empowering women is by offering them financial independence and giving them equal representation at work. Our aim is to work towards decreasing the gap in employment between women and men and expanding opportunities for women.


When a little girl is enabled to dream any dream, she grows up to become a fearless woman who makes choices that are best for her. Every woman who has made the choice to buy Aukera will ignite more minds. With every Aukera you take home, one girl's education for one month is taken care of. We want to make sure that we see the cause through and enable young girls to have the freedom to choose a life without compromise.


We understand what premium quality and credibility mean to you as far as diamonds are concerned. Our AUKERA Diamond alchemists and artisans have the most exacting standards. But why take their word for it? AUKERA Diamonds are sent to the International Gemological Institute to go through the gruelling process of scrutiny, grading, and finally certifying as per international standards. When you choose AUKERA, you opt for a trusted partner who will always offer you the best quality and value.