At Aukera, we understand jewellery decisions aren't hasty. That dream piece, meant to be cherished, deserves a smart plan. Introducing Aukera Treasure Trove: Jewellery Purchase Plan. Begin with a minimum of Rs. 1,000 per monthly installment. Plus, enjoy an Aukera bonus. Make your dream a reality; let's plan it!

3 simple steps

Step 1:

Plan: Consider whether you would like to opt for the 6-month or 10-month plan.

Step 2: 

Activate: Fill out the form and activate one of the possible payment options.

Step 3: 

Purchase: Select an Aukera piece or pieces of your choice. With the added benefit of the Aukera Bonus, which is as follows:

On a 6-month plan, 50% of the month 1 installment value ·

On a 10-month plan, 100% of the month 1 installment value

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Introducing Aukera Bespoke. Enter a world of personalisation. Our designer becomes your guide, crafting bespoke treasures that defy convention. From diamond consultations to creating a look just for you, exclusivity reigns. Elevate moments with Aukera's elegance.

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Introducing the Aukera Diamond Spa—a diamond jewellery revival service like no other. Complimentary for friends of AUKERA. Witness meticulous cleaning firsthand, from gentle soaks to rejuvenating steam. Transparent and careful, our adept hosts make every piece shine. Your treasured diamond jewellery’s radiance is rekindled. 

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Explore the universe of growing diamonds. Aukera's Diamond Quotient is an interactive experience that will fascinate you with diamond knowledge. Learn how diamond alchemists produce diamonds, from seed to a fully scintillating diamond. In this scenario, you'll truly comprehend the essence of your jewellery.

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In a world filled with diamond simulants like cubic zirconia and moissanite, ensuring authenticity matters. Amidst the confusion, meet the Aukera Insta Wand—a diamond tester that's your trusted solution. This wand taps into a diamond's chemical signature, giving you a verdict in seconds. Differentiating real from fake, it measures thermal or electrical properties.

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