each choice I make Aukera

Dearest Self, with each choice I make, I reclaim fragments of myself

In the depths of my soul, a stirring of liberation begins, as the moonlight dances upon the edges of my being. I pen this letter, an ode to self-love, a sonnet of empowerment, for I am a woman, and I choose me. 

No longer shall the shackles of societal expectations bind my spirit. I cast them aside, like autumn leaves carried away by a gentle breeze. I stand amidst the tapestry of my own existence, unabashedly embracing the power within. My heart's desires, like whispers of the wind, guide me along the path of authenticity. 

With each choice I make, I reclaim fragments of myself that were lost to compromise. The labyrinth of my journey unfolds, illuminated by the radiance of self-discovery. I stand tall, a monument to resilience, with the cosmos singing in harmony with my spirit. 

Gone are the days of self-neglect, as I embrace the gentle art of self-care, like a delicate rose unfurling its petals. I bathe in the light of self-compassion, knowing that by nurturing my own garden, I blossom into a masterpiece of love and grace. 

I release the weight of guilt that burdened my heart, setting it free to soar among the clouds. For the audacity of choosing myself is not a transgression, but a divine act of self-preservation. I am a poet, a painter, a creator of my own destiny. 

Around me, a constellation of kindred souls emerges, each a luminary in their own right. We form a tapestry of support, woven by threads of understanding and acceptance. In their eyes, I glimpse reflections of my own worth, and together, we ascend to heights previously unimagined. 

In the realm of relationships, I am an architect of my own destiny. No longer will I settle for crumbs of affection, for I am deserving of a feast of love. I choose connections that are founded upon authenticity and reciprocity, where two souls intertwine, creating a symphony of passion and understanding. 

This journey, a tapestry of resilience, weaves together the fragments of my essence. I embrace the dance of self-discovery, twirling to the rhythm of my own heartbeat. I am a vessel of worthiness, an embodiment of serenity and grace. 

So here I stand, my spirit unyielding, as I traverse the labyrinth of my existence. Each step is a testament to my courage, my capacity for self-love. I am a woman, a tempest of beauty and strength, choosing myself in every breath. 

In the tapestry of my life, I paint strokes of empowerment, embracing the kaleidoscope of my truth. With each word penned, I unleash the power of my voice, a symphony of resilience and self-assurance. I am my own muse, my own poetry, forever bound to the rhythm of my soul's cadence. 

I am a woman, fierce and untamed, a celestial marvel of infinite possibilities. In choosing myself, I unlock the gateway to my destiny, an eternal voyage of self-discovery and self-love. 

With unyielding devotion and ethereal grace, 

Neha Bajpai 

An AUKERA Woman.  

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